Paola Lucchesi, Site Administrator. Investigating all possible prevention methods and cures against Killer Superbugs.
Paola Lucchesi,
freelance writer,
Site Administrator.

Why a site about Killer Superbugs?

I had never heard about superbugs.

Never until three months before launching this site.

No big deal, you may think. But I am an avid reader and a highly educated person… how could I have missed something that is just as dangerous as climate change?

Superbugs have not gone mainstream.

They have been around for decades, and they are no secret. I found a ton of info on superbugs when I started digging.


The general public seems to be not aware of them. Not as much as necessary to face such a global threat.

I have been a freelance journalist for many years. When I was a student it was the job I learnt, and above all I loved to write about science.

I love to make difficult things simple.

Killer superbugs are a difficult theme.

There is a lot of brilliant literature on superbugs around, but it might be a touch too “heavy” a reading for many. This is one of my hypotheses.

There is one more reason though.

What can you do if you get an infection for which medicines no longer work?”

No clear and definite answer to this question.

It is what makes superbugs… superbugs.

My impression is that this is the reason why the killer superbugs story does not stick.

You can read tons of materials on superbugs and antibiotic resistance (as I have) and feel no wiser for it.

But there ARE things that can be done.

Quite a lot of them, actually.

Here I come in.

And this site.

What you will find here will be my attempt to once more make difficult things simple.

Clear and straightforward advice on what we CAN do to stay safe in the new post-antibiotic era. This is my goal.

There will be lots of background info too, if you want to learn more (and you should!).

But the three pillars of the sotry for me are practical:

PREVENT: all we can do to avoid being infected in the first place.

DIAGNOSE: how to make sure as fast as possible which superbug has infected us, if it comes to that (our survival depends on this!).

CURE: self-explanatory (no silver bullet, but there ARE things that can be tried).

You are more than welcome, you are invited!, to contribute your own experience, if you have it. To help others.

Write to info@killersuperbugs.com and join the adventure!

Paola Lucchesi, Site Administrator.